an amazing new way to visualize and search your online world

a unified dashboard, document viewer, and search engine for all the files, photos, and people scattered across all your email, social, and cloud accounts

Unified Visualization

a unified view of all the photos and documents in email attachments, social posts, and cloud storage

a simple way to simultaneously search for content and friends across all your email, social, and cloud accounts

Unified Search

for each person you know, a simple new way to see all the content they've shared via email, social, and cloud

Unified Friends


instead of stuff scattered all over the place, you're online life becomes easy

Email-as-Cloud - all attachments available in your own on-demand, private Dropbox-like cloud storage service

Unified Feed - an easy way to stay current with all the photos and documents recently shared with you

Unified Sharing - share anything you find in your private internet

Unified Friends - see all the people you know one place, ordered by FriendRank

What People Are Saying

don't just take our word for it

“Easy to use. Clean and simple while accomplishing so much.” - Jason

“Great idea! Well designed, easy to use. Well done.” - ryern

“I linked my accounts and boom! Everything was right there together.” - Elizabeth

“This was dead simple to use.” - Jeremy


“excellent! it's fast and easy.” - Dan

“Clean, simple, intuitive. I really, really like how this website operates. It's simple for me to access photos without having to dig through all of my accounts... This is simple enough that my mom would be able to use it.” - Catie

“This is sweet! Dropbox...made it 100 times better for me :)” - Mike

“I love, love, love this! I'm so tired of clicking through people's profiles several times just to browse their photos. Then again, I'm kinda lazy. :D Thanks for helping us lazy folk out!” - Tara

“ Clean & Fast, the two things that I look for.” - Santina

and it's free

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